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Who are we?


Who are we?

Coming together from the west of the Netherlands and America we finally ended up in Groenlo. We always wanted a quiet, natural environment and we certainly found that in this region. And we love it here.

Along with our three cats Kit, Snickers and Boots we live on a beautiful 100-year-old farm, with chickens and an orchard, surrounded by corn fields and cow pastures. And here is where our dream of creating a bed & breakfast has also become reality.

The name The Cat and The Owl came about because we have several cats but also a Little Owl “lives” in one of our barns and sometimes a Barn Owl in the other.

Our goal is to introduce guests to the peace, nature and culture that this area has to offer.

We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.

Mark & Renée

Relax in the nature and culture the Achterhoek has to offer you